Animals All Around Us!

WHEN: June 11–15, 1-4 p.m.
WHERE: Charlotte Latin Summer Day Camps
AGE: 5–7 years  •  TEACHER: Jen Turner  •  PRICE: $195

Fly, walk, or swim... if your child is an animal lover, this camp is the one!  Campers will learn about animals from ocean life to barnyard animals and how they live in their natural habitat through books, crafts and classroom experiments. Campers will discuss animal furs, skin textures, blubber, sounds and – if they dare – smells!

Our visiting animal friends will include a Bennett Wallaby, a Kinkajou, a Fennec Fox, a Bearded Dragon, a Tortoise, an Albino Ball Python, a Blue Tongued Skink and more! Viewing and petting options will give the children a front row seat to the animal kingdom experience.

Kids, start gathering your questions and bring your safari hat because we are learning about the Animals All Around Us!