Camp Victor

Camp Victor offers a traditional, summer day camp experience based on Latin values for children ages 5–9. Designed to meet the needs of every family, it’s customizable to your summer schedule. Need a camp the third week in June? Or half-day morning camp in July? Need to add lunch to that half-day morning camp? Or bus service? We’ve got you covered! You pick the weeks and add-ons you need.

Highly-trained counselors and instructors work with campers in small groups for the many hands-on activities offered. Each week is specially themed and every Thursday is water day for full-day campers.

Camp Victor Offers

  • Flexible schedule

  • High quality, hands-on activities taught by qualified and engaging instructors

  • Before and After Care

  • Hot lunch and beverage daily

Weekly Themes

Week 1, June 10-14: Monstrous Fun
Week 2, June 17-21: Dough, Donuts & Dozers
Week 3, June 24-28: Glow for It
Week 4, July 8-12: Weird vs. Wired
Week 5, July 15-19: The Greatest Show
Week 6, July 22-26: Superhero Energies


CAMP S.N.A.K.E. – Science and Nature Adventures for Kid Explorers

Week 3 or 4, Campers 9-13 years old

Investigate the fascinating world of science and nature at Charlotte Latin! In true Camp Victor style, this full day outdoor science camp is ALL-INCLUSIVE! Camp Victor: S.N.A.K.E. camp includes a full day of fun, before and after care services as well as a hot lunch. Children will explore the world of science, nature, and recreation through activity groups at the Charlotte Latin fields, ponds, and in the Charlotte Latin woods. The S.N.A.K.E. program will provide a variety of nature activities, such as learning how to track animals in the wild, identifying plant and animal life, mucking (going into the pond to catch frogs and other organisms), and the basics of hiking, outdoor survival, and mountaineering. Children will learn how things in science work in designated science labs. Adventure education games and team challenges are always at the forefront of the program!


Weekly Theme Descriptions

Week 1 – Monstrous Fun: Do you know Where the Wild Things Are or where to find the Gruffalo? The summer’s best monsters come together to help campers learn about the wackiest monsters and aliens in outer space. Can you see them? Can you hear them? What do they look like? Campers will build a galaxy room, measure light years and look beyond the stars. Through silly songs, art, space, science and creative literary and film references your camper will have Monstrous Fun!

Week 2 – Dough, Donuts & Dozers: Roll up your sleeves and get ready for the fluffiest, gooiest and the most construction crazed week of the summer! Camp Victor Campers will make, play and build with various types of dough while learning how different textures and mystery ingredients are used. Campers will make and bake their own jumbo pretzels, mini donuts, playdough, and be the buildings/bulldozers during game time. Counselors will instruct and lead in things 'salty' whether it is kitchen activities, salt dough art or salt art keepsakes in the art room.

Week 3 – Glow For It!: Because why not?! Who doesn't love tie-dye and all things that glow in the dark? This summer at Latin we will be tie-dying everything from clothes to food! Everyday we will build on our tie-dying techniques by creating various projects from lanyards to t-shirts. We will learn many different ways to tie dye including using glue and ice. We will have a tie-dye relay, color war create cool art to hang in the Camp Victor hall and camp office! The week will end with a friendly color war and fun run where the campers will be tie dyed from head to toe! Extra clothes that can be tie-dyed will need to be sent in for our 'color war/fun run' day.

Week 4 – Weird vs. Wired: Explore this enriching week through weird science or “tech-y” wired camp activities. We are calling all Scientists! Come join us this summer for some crazy fun experimenting! This week at Camp Victor, we will be getting our hands on some fun experiments and STEM challenges. Do you think you can build a house stronger than the hulk? Or how about an actual working water slide… for a Lego man of course! Ever wonder what happens when you mix Pop Rocks with soda, or oil, water, and seltzer tablets… join us at Camp Victor this summer to find out.

Week 5 – The Greatest Show: "Ladies and gents, this is the moment you've waited for," so roll up your sleeves, we are ready to have some FUN! This circus themed week will embrace the talents of all campers as well as science, art and magic tricks used in the Greatest Show on earth! Get ready for animal trivia, carnival games and face paint before the curtain call. Counselors are excited to showcase their talents as they help facilitate activities before they "run off and join the circus."

Week 6 – Superhero Energies: Ever wonder how superhero power work? Campers will explore the different branches of science and defy gravity, sound and light using different experiments to find their own specialty. During indoor and outdoor activities a new scientific vocabulary will be introduced. We can’t wait to make stomp rockets, magnetic paint for our shields and finish the week with a superhero '“capture the flag” challenge. Join together and show off your super-camp-power!