If your camper is registered for an all-day camp, you may send a packed lunch or purchase lunch. Lunches from our on-campus meal provider, FLIK Dining, cost $45 per week. This cost includes a hot lunch for five days as well as lunch care supervision. Students can choose from a hot option each day, which includes an entree, sides and a drink. To see the menu, visit the FLIK Dining website, click "Menus" and choose "Summer Programs.”

If your camper is in a half-day camp but you need them to attend camp for the lunch hour (noon to 1 p.m.), you may register your child for the lunch hour either before or after their half-day camp. There is a small charge of $25 per week for this service. (This price does not include meals.)

If your camper has food allergies, we recommend you send a packed lunch. All packed lunches are peanut-free.

If you would like FLIK to provide your child's lunch, you must purchase the summer meal option, even if you have an account during the school year. We will not allow CLS campers to use their pin numbers for hot lunch purchases during the summer. If your camper would like to make an additional purchase of drinks or snacks (only during lunch) your camper may use their pin (CLS students only) or you may send cash. All cash carried by campers is their responsibility and will not be reimbursed if lost. Snack/Drink prices vary.

How does my camper get to lunch? Or get from lunch to their next camp?

Don’t worry, we’ve got it this! Our instructors and camp staff assist with our campers transition to car/bus or the lunchroom. If campers are staying for the lunch care hour or for an afternoon camp, their name tag and roster will reflect this dismissal at 12:00. Our lunchroom is supervised during lunch by our camp counselor staff and camp nurse/trainer. After lunch, campers will be walked to the front Library porch for their next camp session check-in and escorted to their assigned camp space.